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If you're curious about how you could use the information you've found here, you may want to see what others have done with it. If you have created something using the data, we'd love to know, leave a comment or drop us a line.

Click on the images to activate the visualisations. We'll be adding more soon! We'd love your feedback as to the best way we can showcase them, so do let us know.

What we spend

The majority of the data we currently have made available is information on what local public services spend, which you can search here. This includes both invoices they pay and grants they provide. Below is an example of a visualisation on this type of data. If you would a like a more comprehensive overview, take a look here at other uses of spending data. We'll be adding more soon!

Where services are based

We have a range of data that we are continuously updating on where local public services are based in Kent. Below is an example of a visualisation of this data on schools in Kent. Developers have already created visualisations of these which you can see here.

When you're on the road

We have started opening up data on traffic and travel. Because it is picking up live information from sensors on the roads across the county, you can only view it as feeds (go here and search for traffic). If you are a developer, we'd love to see what you can do with this data. 

How we perform

As well as opening up data on what we spend and where our services are based, we'll be publishing data on how we perform. Here is an example below but if you want to see more visualisations on performance see here.


Posted by Alan on
Just one thing, I was wondering how 'up to date' the broadband speeds are please. I live at CT202RU and it states the maximum is 8 all round, however, I more than often avg between 14 and 16.... Thanks
Posted by openkent on
Many thanks, we're getting onto this straightaway, will get back to you by end of tomorrow. Kind regards
Posted by matthew on
Thank you very much for your comment. Your query has been put to the data owner and here is the response from same:

'The data was gathered in April 2011. The ADSL speed column records the estimated ADSLMax speed by postcode. CT202RU is served by the Folkestone exchange, which has the ADSL2+ service (headline speed of up to 24Mbps); ADSL2+ availability was not recorded when the data was updated hence properties that subscribe to ADSL2+ will receive higher speeds than our data shows.'

I hope that answers your question. We will publish more up to date information as it becomes available.