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What is the Open Kent trial?

Posted by openkent on June 8, 2011

Want to know why we've developed Open Kent and what we'll be doing between now and end of September? Read on!

What is the trial?

You can now access information on public services in Kent through a new service from Kent Connects called Open Kent.  This allows you to access data and view it in a way that suits you. You can also see how others have used data to help them understand better their public services and the area they live in.

Why are we running this trial?

The service is a trial commissioned by Kent Connects - a technology lead partnership across the public sector in Kent. The trial will run from June until 30 September 2011, when it will be evaluated.

Open Kent is a trial because we want to enable you to access and re-use open data, but we know that this is a very new area. Most people will never have heard of open data, let alone used it to create visualisations. Others however may have used tools to turn data into new web applications. 

We know there are amazing opportunities for open data to be used. So we want to test out during this trial how we can best provide you with the data and how you can make the best use of it.

To achieve that, we will work with the organisations below to make even more open data available and we will showcase the most exciting uses of the data that you come up with.

Why don't I just use a search engine?

As well as opening up data on what we spend and where our services are based, we'll be publishing data on how we perform. Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea but watch this space to see more visualisations on performance of services.

Other questions?

If you have a question that we haven't covered, please add it as a comment below and we'll try and find the answer and then add that to the FAQs.