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All Skilled Up

Posted by openkent on February 11, 2013

In a previous post I described how we're supporting people to come up with ideas for our competition through an interactive game.

We've been working with Turner Contemporary's Blank Canvas group who "bring younger (aged 13 – 25) and older (over 60) people together, to help them to explore similarities and differences and to interact with and enjoy art together". Here is them talking about what intergenerational means

Rather than going straight in to get people to get people to put forward an idea to the challenge "How can the use of technology help people help each other in their neighbourhood", we wanted to make people feel comfortable and reflect on what skills they enjoyed using and what assets they would like to build up in their neighbourhood. Here is a snapshot of some of the tags that they wrote up.

We wanted to enable the discussion of thoughts on people's skills within the context of the group itself looking at how the skills they had collectively could be shared amongst themselves. As you can see below, the motivations and assets the group had centred around "expressing themselves" (drawing, painting, writing, etc), "making things" (tshirt printing, papier mache) and "playing instruments" (ukelele, piano). 

You might ask why even have this exercise when the idea of the competition is around technology and around people helping each other, rather than learning new skills. What we've learnt is that people are more likely to get involved in their commuinity if it builds on their personal motivations and aspirations - in this sense they skills they enjoy using and the skills they'd like to learn.

Tomorrow we'll look at the next exercises on the things that people would like about what could make it easier for people to use technology (or for those who find everything easy, what features they prefer on their mobile phone, social networking or favourite websites).

Word Tree of Skills

Over to you!

If you've developed similar competitions or if you've taken part in a competition and would like to blog your thoughts, get in touch and we'll feature the best on this blog.

And if you've just got a good idea on how to help people help each in their neighbourhoods or to make it easier to report issues to your council, check our own competition out with up to £3000 in prizes!