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Introduction to Open Kent

Open Kent is where public sector bodies in Kent can publish information about the services they provide.

Discover how you can use it for free to help you see data in different ways.

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Search the information

Are you looking for public service data that you would like to access and re-use?

Browse data about where you live using the "Find your local data" sidebar or type in a keyword to find the data.

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Take part in our competition

We're planning a competition running from September to invite you to come up with ideas on how to make your area a better place to live, work & play using technology and win the competition!

Find out how to take part.


November 2nd
In a previous post, I described an exercise we've used to get people motivated about putting forward ideas to our competition. This time, I'm going to talk about the things that people like best about the technology they use, or rather the things that mak...
November 2nd
As you may remember from our "walk through" guide to help stimulate ideas for our competition, we started off by looking at what skills people wanted to learn and share and then onto what would make it easier for them to use technology.
November 2nd
Have you ever wondered how you can make sense and uncover connections between lots and lots of ideas? Have you ever wanted to see if you could understand what trends the ideas were shaping on a theme you were exploring? We're half way through our competi...
September 24th
Through our methodology, we break up the stages of developing ideas in ways which are practical to people – such as what skills people want to learn and share, how people want to improve their neighbourhood and how people want to help each othe...
September 23rd
Coming up with ideas sounds really easy, but sometimes to get the simple but most effective ones, it's worth thinking about how to stimulate them. Breaking up the ideas makes the process seem more meaningful to people taking part and more likely for them ...

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